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Outpatient Staff Physical Therapist - Sam B. Cook Healthplex

Company: Capital Region Medical Center
Location: Jefferson City
Posted on: June 8, 2021

Job Description:


Position Purpose: Functions under general supervision to assume the responsibility and accountability for a designated group of patients and provides physical therapy evaluations, modalities and treatments in accordance with Missouri State Practice Act, hospital and departmental policies and procedures, maintaining the highest level of quality care. Is also responsible and accountable for those patients being treated by a Physical Therapist Assistant and may be assigned to orient new staff and students.

Principal Accountabilities and Essential Duties of the Job:

  1. Performs physical therapy services to patients
  • Evaluation and Treatment Planning
  • Selects and performs the appropriate assessment procedures based on accepted practice standards and according to approved hospital policies and procedures.
  • Evaluations and treatment plans should reflect assessment of past medical and surgical history, mental status, pain, functional status (ROM, MMT, ambulation skills, ADLs, balance/coordination) and critical elements in wound care.
  • Consideration should be given to adjust evaluation/treatment planning based on the age of the patient from neonate to geriatric.

Establishes and updates a formal plan of care to address individualized patient needs during hospitalization and upon discharge.

  • Initiates written plan of care within 24 hours (48 hours for Home Health) of initial evaluation to include physical, psychosocial, environmental, educational, and discharge needs as it relates to therapy.
  • Documentation will include key factors (deficits noted, priority of treatment, plan of care, problem list, goals in functional terms, time frames for goals to be achieved, rehab potential, barriers, facilitators, contraindications or precautions, home environment, educational needs, psychosocial areas and discharge planning).
  • Treatment plans will reflect modified exercises to address the age related issues for the patient.

Assesses effectiveness of treatment plan.

  • Documents patients response to treatment and progress toward goals.
  • Treatment notes reflect actual treatment and response including pain as it affects treatment; progress toward goals is addressed at least on a weekly basis; and progress is measured related to functional abilities; treatment time is recorded on each visit.
  • When patient fails to make progress toward goals, documentation addresses reasons and care is modified; when patient is progressing as expected, re-assessment is performed at least every two weeks; member of the care team and the patient/family are involved in treatment planning.
  • Referring physician is kept informed of patient progress or failure to make progress through phone calls, sending of notes or direct communication
  • When a change in care plan occurs based on physician orders, a reassessment is done prior to initiating new treatment.
  • Re-assessments are performed at least:
  • IP: every week
  • OP: every two weeks
  • HH: every 30 days
  • Peds: every 30 days

Supervision of ancillary staff.

  • Delegates appropriate therapy activities to ancillary therapy staff members; directs and supervises staff consistent with state laws and in a safe and effective manner.
  • Develops and revises interventions and programs as needed to achieve positive patient outcomes and to meet the needs of the patient population served.

Provides physical therapy care:

Utilizes physical agents/modalities in accordance with accepted standards of care

  • Documentation reflects modality given, dosage, frequency, duration, settings, skin integrity, response to treatment
  • Modality settings are within acceptable practice and patient position addresses comfort and therapeutic benefit
  • Demonstrates understanding of indications, precautions and contraindications
  • Is able to identify and modify treatment settings due to age related sensory issues.

Performs therapeutic exercise in accordance with accepted standards of care

  • Performs exercises safely, educates the patient as to the purpose of the exercise activity, provides feedback regarding the performance of the activity
  • Neonate/Pediatrics: Educates the patient/parent to the purpose of exercise activity, recognizes the limitations of the pediatric/neonate for range, strength, and endurance. Incorporates play activities to achieve goals
  • Adolescent: considers special needs/interests and provides education to patient/parent on purpose of exercise program
  • Geriatric: Recognizes the limits for range, strength training, endurance and modifies program to meet activity level and joint restriction

Performs gait training in accordance with accepted standards of care

  • Instructs patients in transfers with or without assistive device, correct weight bearing, ambulation on level surfaces, stairs and uneven surfaces, progresses gait training appropriately
  • Correctly fits the assistive device to patient height, uses safe Guarding techniques, educates the patient in safety techniques, provides the patient with feedback on their performance
  • Documents gait pattern, need for gait training, assistive device used, weight bearing status, distance ambulated, assistance required and surface
  • Documents intervention performed to produce improvement in gait or to achieve desired outcome with gait pattern.
  • Pediatrics or Geriatrics: recognizes the additional safety issues when using an assistive device

Performs Neuromuscular Re-Education with accepted standards of care

  • Instructs patient in biofeedback, balance and kinesthetic awareness activities to facilitate improved neuromuscular control
  • Documents interventions performed and reasons for interventions to achieve desired outcome
  • Pediatrics or Geriatrics: recognizes the additional safety issues and makes appropriate accommodations in patients program

Performs Manual Therapy Techniques with accepted standards of care

  • Demonstrates correct technique with manual therapy
  • Demonstrates understanding of when to use manual therapy techniques to achieve the desired outcome
  • Documents Manual therapy interventions performed
  • Pediatrics or Geriatrics: recognizes and modifies technique to address specific age issues for safety

Performs wound care in accordance with accepted standards of care

  • Areas of wounds are documented that clearly describes wound (site, size, drainage, tissue), treatment performed, dressings and medications applied, patient/family education regarding treatment techniques, safety and infection control issues.
  • Follows standard precautions, disposes of sharps appropriately, assures safety during treatment, positions patient appropriately.
  • Recognizes with pediatric patients modifications to treatment may need to occur and involve parent/caregiver as needed.

Provides effective instruction to the patient through education and training

  • Provides education in a manner that uses language and demonstration appropriate to the level of the patient, and includes family or caregivers when appropriate.
  • Confirms level of understanding by patient/family
  • Identifies barriers to learning and education needs
  • Provides written material to patient
  • Documents education needs, assessment, education performed and level of understanding.

Provides Assessment, Instruction and Training in Wellness and Prevention to Asymptomatic persons

  • Performs body mechanics and postural assessment; provides education and training to correct findings could be through exercise, education or work-site modification
  • Performs fitness assessment and develops exercise prescription based on findings.
  • Performs training to staff providing patient care in proper positioning, lifting and moving of patients.

Demonstrates discharge planning

  • Initiates discharge planning at initial visit
  • Based on initial assessment findings and early response to treatment develops a plan for post discharge needs (equipment, further care, home exercise program)
  • Involves patient and family in discharge planning, when appropriate
  • Communicates with next level of care to ensure continuity of care

Communicates with patient, family, caregivers, significant others and members of the healthcare team in order to promote maximum benefit of care

  • Identifies patient/family ability to communicate with the provider verbally and nonverbally, then makes adjustments/accommodations for communication
  • Seeks alternate forms of communication when necessary (interpreters, communication boards, etc)
  • Communicates with physicians directly when issues related to change in patients status or plan of care; alerts physician of patient progress at follow-up visits
  • Participates in healthcare team meetings (inpatient rehab staffing, SNF multidiscipline meeting, Acute Care Multidiscipline meeting, IEP meetings, Case Conferences, etc) by being prepared to discuss patients current status, having necessary documentation completed and being ready to discuss discharge planning.
  • Communicates changes in plan of care with team members
  1. Provides an environment that is conducive to the safety of patients, visitors, and staff by maintaining knowledge of safety, assessing the risks for safety, implementing precautions when a risk is identified and complying with hospital and departmental policies on fire, safety, evacuation plan, disaster plan, MSDS, infection control, standard precautions and OSHA guidelines.
  • Identifies needs/problems related to real or potential safety risks to patients, visitors, employees and self based on interpretation of available information and implements interventions as related to identify real or potential safety risks.
  • Demonstrates understanding and care of the patient in order to maintain skin integrity, provide appropriate interventions for prevention of breakdown, and to facilitate healing.
  • Demonstrates safe body mechanics during patient care and support activities.
  • Bends at hips and knees using neutral spine, uses assistance when necessary, avoids reaching or bending over fulcrum
  • Follows standard precautions when appropriate
  • Wears appropriate protective gear, follows clean to dirty protocol, uses good hand washing techniques, disposes of sharps and linens according to hospital policy.
  • Complies with Home Health department policies and procedures for cleaning Home Health Equipment
  • Supports and participates in hazard surveillance process and assists with safety monitoring and reporting for the department.
  • Complies with policies and procedures that guide and support a safe working environment.
  • For Inpatient staff, complies with policies and procedures that guide and support the appropriate application of restraints.
  • Applies restraints using correct procedures; notifies nursing staff when issues arise; participates in identifying alternative restraints, documents application/removal or restraints
  • Notifies the necessary personnel when supplies are low or if needing certain supplies. Ensures that necessary paperwork is completed if equipment is broken or needs repair.
  1. Demonstrates Professionalism
  • Communicates necessary information to team members.
  • Listens objectively
  • Portrays a positive image and attitude
  • Addresses concerns through established processes at the appropriate time
  • Sets a good example for others
  • Accepts other team members issues in considering care of the patient and discharge planning
  • Maintains appropriate licensure and certifications required for position, completes necessary CEU requirements per state board certifications and attends all mandatory education by due date.
  • Consistently follows all hospital policies and procedures.
  • Consistently follows Home Health Department Policies and procedures for use of hospital vehicles.
  • Attendance meets acceptable standards.
  • Appearance meets acceptable standards for neatness, cleanliness, grooming and suitability of attire, and is in compliance with dress code of hospital and department.
  • After one years experience, provides guidance to physical therapy students at all levels. Promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect, interest, knowledge and professional growth.
  • Assists with competency assessment of physical therapist assistants, technicians, aides, and support staff.
  1. Demonstrates Leadership
  • Supports the philosophy, mission, vision and values of the organization through attitude, work ethic and behavior
  • Identifies problems, assesses options, considers alternatives and make recommendations for preferred solutions.
  • Participates in hospital-sponsored activities, committees, meetings and special events OR professional association activities.
  • Provides in-services to staff, other health professionals at CRMC and participates in community education programs.
  1. Demonstrates Appropriate and Effective use of resources
  • Meets department standards for productivity
  • IP Rehab: 2.6 billed units per worked hour
  • OP Rehab: 2.6 billed units per worked hour
  • HH Therapies: 2.0 hours per visit

  • Accounts for resources in accordance with hospital policies and procedures.
  • Completes assigned tasks within time frames allocated or communicates inability to do so to supervisor.
  • Accepts and completes additional assignments as appropriate.
  • Shows appreciation of cost factors in delivery of care
  • Adjusts schedule based on department need. Minimize overtime. Will work extra if needed.

Education: Bachelor's degree in physical therapy from an accredited PT program OR Master's degree in physical therapy from an accredited PT program

Certification/Licensure: MO licensure (or eligibility)

Experience: 3 months to 1 year

Keywords: Capital Region Medical Center, Jefferson City , Outpatient Staff Physical Therapist - Sam B. Cook Healthplex, Other , Jefferson City, Missouri

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